Glowbubbler 2Edit

Here's another way to make a bubble wand from a glow necklace. The tricky part is to NOT break the glowstick's ampules until you're ready. After the glowing gives out, you still have a very functional and durable bubble wand.

1 Sticks

1. These are the glow necklaces I used. 22".

01b SandTips

2. Rough up about 1" of the necklace's ends with some sandpaper or a file. I used 150 grit.

01c PrepStrsTape

3. Use a light non-fuzzy yarn like crochet cotton. Cut 2 pieces about 5" in length and also have a bit of tape handy for what follows.

02a GlueYarnTip

4. Put a very small dab of crazy glue on the tip of the yarn coming off the skein. It keeps it from fraying inconveniently.

02b TieTip Combo

5. Using a bit of yarn and a square knot, tie that tip down near an end of the necklace but extending beyond for about 1/4". You can tie it tight without activating the glow stick. Trim the ends.

02c WrapStick

6. Wrap the yarn around the necklace. Be careful not to activate it. It doesn't have to be wrapped tightly.

02d TapeEnd

7. When you get to the end, use that piece of tape to keep it from unwrapping.

02e TieEnd

8. Tie this end like you did at the start, remove the tape, and cut the end so it extends beyond that of the necklace's.

02f GlueEnd

9. Use some glue to keep this end from fraying too.

02g StoreHoop

10. Put the (hopefully) unactivated glow stick where it won't get bent.

03a HoseTeeBarb

11. You'll need a nylon hose barb tee. All ends must be 3/8" inner diameter. It's much cheaper at Menard's than Home Depot.

03b CutTee

12. Cut off the tee top's barbs by whatever means seem convenient.

03c CutSleeve

13. Take a necklace end connector and cut it in half. There are 2 different styles of connectors you might see - a plastic piece of straw or something with flanges. It doesn't matter for this project.

03d SleevesInTee

14. Insert the halved connector pieces into the top's tees about half way.

03e GlueSleeves

15. Put some crazy glue on the outside of the connectors where they meet the tee.

03f SharpenStick

16. Sharpen one end of a 1/4" diameter wood or plastic rod.

04a StartTeeWrap

17. Tie a slip knot around the tee with the yarn as an anchor.

04b TeeWrapContin

18. Wrap the tee's top with the yarn. Include the connectors' connections.

04c TeeWrapMore

19. Finish by wrapping the barbed end. Interlace the end with an earlier wrap and leave an extra inch as shown.

20 StickTee

20. Insert the dowel into the tee while anchoring the yarn's end.

21 TeeDone

21. Finished tee connector.

22 TeeInEnd1

22. When it's time to activate the glowbubbler, push one end of the necklace into the tee.

23 TeeInEnd2

23. Twist it in tightly. Slide the yarn along the necklace as needed for good coverage and nice appearance.

24 2ndEndInTee

24. Shape the glow stick into a hoop on a plane similar to the tee's, and insert the other end into the tee. This breaks all the stick's ampules, fully activates it, and decides the angle between hoop and handle.

25 FinLoop

25. A finished glowbubbler. When you first dip the rig, splash some extra juice on the tee to improve performance.

25b Combo

26. Of course, in pitch dark you can's see the bubbles. This motion effect was under LED lights.

26 KidProofCombo

27. After the glowing ends it's still a great daytime bubbler. But it needs strength to stand up to little kids. Add more crazy glue to unglued connections.

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