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This page is designed to help you get started with soap bubbles. This Wiki has a wealth of information to help you make bubbles from small to gigantic. You can find a helpful listing of the Wiki articles on the Site Index page.

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Even a 3 year old can make giant bubbles with a tri-string wand.


[Note: this page is a work-in-progress]

First Steps[]

  1. Decide what size of bubbles you want to make. If you do not know, take a look at the photos on this site.
  2. Build or buy your hoops/wands.
  3. Mix up or purchase some bubble juice.
  4. Go have fun!

Types and Sizes of Bubbles[]

There are many types and sizes of bubbles you can make. It is easier for most people to start smaller and, once they have found a bubble juice that works well for them, then move up in size if they so desire. You can make lots of bubbles quickly with bubble nets and garlands, and they work really well when entertaining children who love to chase and pop the bubbles. Most beginning bubblers will find it easier to create tubes than bubbles when moving up to the large and giant size. Typically, as the sizes increase, the amount of skill required does as well.

The last photo is of a bubble sculpture by Tom Noddy. As of August 2013, this Wiki does not have a lot of information about creating sculptures; however, there are some bubble juice recipes on here that can be used to for sculpting.

Hoops and Wands[]

Get started with tri-string wands here.

More to come

Bubble Juice[]

Although there are commercially available bubble juices capable of creating giant bubbles, the majority of the bubbles you see pictured on the Soap Bubble Wiki were created with home-brewed bubble juices. There is no single best bubble juice for reasons discussed in the Best Bubble Juice article.


One of the easiest juices to start with is the Guar gum based recipe. It is easy to make and the ingredients are inexpensive and generally easy-to-find locally. It can create great bubbles in a wide variety of conditions.  

You can find more recommendations on the Recipe Central page.  

If you are serious about your bubbles: we recommend taking a look at Bubble Juice Basics.  

Ready-made/Commercially Available Products[]

There is an ever-changing array of commercially available products if you prefer to use ready-made juice. As of July 2014, Uncle Bubble Ultra Concentrate seems to have established itself as a favorite among professionals and serious amateurs for both giant bubbles and bubble sculpture.

Bubble Thing Giant Bubble Mix is a popular and effective additive that can turn water and dishwashing liquid into a great giant bubble mix.

You can find other products listed in the [[::Category:Readymade|Readymade]] category.

If you encounter a great product, please let us know.

Participate in the Wiki[]

Once you have begun bubbling, contribute to the Wiki. If you are new to wikis, check out the links below on how to participate.


Other Helpful Soap Bubble Wiki Pages for Beginners []


Previous known sources and/or links are listed below each title

Tom Noddy's Bubble Magic (Tom Noddy)

Soap Bubbles: Their Colors and Forces Which Mold Them (C.V.  Boys)

How to Make Monstrous, Huge, Unbelievably Big Bubbles (Klutz & David Stein)

Note - this is the updated version (2005) of "The Unbelievable Bubble Book" (1995')
  • Amazon - also come with a Bubble Thing

The Unbelievable Bubble Book (John Cassidy & David Stein)

Sudman's Bubble-Ology Guide (Loius Pearl)