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This topic covers handy editing tips, shortcuts and template info.

Text/Picture Formatting TipsEdit

Copy/Paste Text IssuesEdit

If you are copying and pasting text, make sure to paste into the page editor in source mode. If you paste in visual mode, you will often get tags or formatting translated from the source app.

Keeping Pictures and Text Flowing WellEdit

For example, the following uses ClearFloat between steps. You may want to view this page in source mode to see where the tags are placed.The ClearFloat template is useful for making sure that text flows correctly in relation to pictures on a page. To use ClearFloat, type {{ClearFloat}}  whereever you want to ensure that a section break occurs after a picture. This enables you to have text (such as steps to perform) that stay associated with the relevant pictures.

Dummy Tutorial


Step 1.

This is the first step. Do everything in this step before proceeding to the next one.

Step 2

This is the second step.

Step 3

This is the third step.

Handy TemplatesEdit

Templates are entered as {{templatename}} where templatename is an existing template. The wiki will substitute the template's contents. Here are some useful templates. Enter them between double curly braces as shown above.

  • SITENAME - the wiki's name
  • Template:ClearFloat - when there are images and/or movies on a page, the items are technically 'floating' and they can appear alongside irrelevant content. This template ensures that images that appear before the 'ClearFloat' in the source code don't appear below it in the layout.

Category TipsEdit

  • Link to a category without adding the page to a category. Precede the category 'keyword' with a colon to prevent the link from marking the page as part of the category. You can also add the pipe symbol {|} followed by some text to have that "piped" text appear as the link name. For example [[:Category:ACategoryName|Text for Link]]
  • The categorytree tag can be used to display the category tree and/or listing of pages in a category. The syntax is described here. For example <categorytree mode=pages>Giant Bubbles</categorytree>

Other Editing TipsEdit

Nowiki tag. In source mode, surround any text with the nowiki tag in order to protect it from interpretation by the wiki -- you will see it used a few times here if you view these tips in source mode.

Cheat sheet. Wikitext cheat sheet.

Going Collapsible. This has been enabled for this wiki. Read the Going Collapsible article for info. Examples: here.

Opening links in another window. Add #NewWindowLink: before the target page name to force the page to be opened in another window. Another idea is found [[1]]

Forcing a TOC. If you would like to force a TOC to be created, enter this text at the top of your page __FORCETOC__.


~~~~ macro that inserts your username (and signature if you have one) with a link back to your user page.

Colon : - indent. Especially useful when adding comments.

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