For those with concerns regarding moisture that may accumulate inside the non-subohm EGO style battery by way of the button, using the finger portion of a disposable surgical latex glove (available in any pharmacy or drug store) will prevent this (see instructions with each foto). The battery pictured here is white so the finger portion of the glove (which only goes approx. half way down the length of the battery) cannot easily be seen

...folding the fingertip`longways will allow you to snip off the very tip creating a tiny hole.

Cut off an appropriate size finger from the glove (most likely not the thumb)



The finger portion should fit over the battery snug enough to keep moisture from entering inside the battery thru the button. I used this adaptation constantly for two days straight and then intentionally dropped the battery into a bucket of juice and pressed the button several times while submerged. There was not a single trace of wetness to the button after all of this. If you are worried about moisture, don't be--this works!


It is very important to pull the finger carefully past the threads of the battery (the latex glove is sturdy but prone to tears) and above the button as shown.


Ready to go

Although the latex is elastic enough to be so snug as to prevent moisture it is not so tight as to activate the button without pressing on it to activate.

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