by Daniel Dyboski-Bryant

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This e-Cig-based fog/smoke device is great for filling bubbles with smoke. Use pure glycerine rather than the eCig's normal juice. This design was inspired by Rick Findley and Thomas Poersch.

01 parts annotated ddyboskibryant ecig
  • 1 x EVO-D e-cigarette or other similar e-cig. These are can be found on the Internet quite inexpensively
  • 2 x thin clear plastic tubing (hardware shop)
  • 2 x long thin balloons (rolled up)

Total price £8 (E-cig) plus £1(other parts. Assembly time - 10 minutes

01a annotated ddyboskibryant ecig

Here's an example of the balloon I used.

01bannotated ddyboskibryant ecig

I drilled the air inlet hole bigger. This makes blowing smoke a little faster and gives more control.

Make sure that the blow tube is long enough to reach a little past this hole. The sleeve will let air find its way into this hole - unless your sleeve is covering it!

I drew a black spot onto the sleeve where the button is, because it can be hard to see when it's covered by the sleeve.

02annotated ddyboskibryant ecig

Push one tube over mouthpiece. This will be the fogger's outlet.

03 ddyboskibryant ecig

Snip the closed end of the balloons and roll them up. I used a drum stick to help the rolling process.

Roll both balloon donuts onto the second tube which will be the tube that you blow into. Make sure that the donuts will unroll in the correct direction.

04annotated ddyboskibryant ecig
Roll the first balloon (which will act as the sleeve) over the second balloon (which acts as the seal) . This can be tricky if the balloons are tight. Persevere while being careful not to puncture the balloon!
05annotated ddyboskibryant ecig
Roll the sleeve balloon all the way to the end. (Actually, the first time I put it together I rolled the sleeve on from the other end (mouth piece - made it much more precise line-up)
06 ddyboskibryant ecig

Working nicely

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