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E-Cig or ECig or eCig are abbreviations for Electronic-Cigarette. They can be easily adapted to become nicotine-free smoke makers for making smoke-filled bubbles. When used for bubbles, you can use homemade glycerine and water mixes rather than nicotine-containing commercial mixes.

On SBF, the Soap Bubble Fanciers Yahoo Group, Rick Findley writes:

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An e-Cig based fogger in use using 100% glycerine for the vapor (no nicotine).

"An Ecig uses a small coil using kanthal heat resistant wire wrapped around a silica or organic cotton wick that absorbs the fluid. When the battery heats the coil the fluid-soaked wick combined with an air flow thru an atomizer will produce the vapor.

The fluid (for our purposes) can be pure glycerine, glycerine and distilled water or propylene glycol and glycerine plus water. What fluid you use depends on personal preference as well as the type of mod you are using. For example a lower ohm atomizer, higher volt battery will burn very hot and produce great vapor but it will soon fry your wick. You need to adjust your ohm/volt ratio a tiny bit and use a more diluted fluid that is thin enough to keep the wick soaked before drying out and burning up because of the extra heat. Even though the Ecig mods found on SBW are very valid and workable there will be more info for an improved mod combo and fluid mix soon."

Odds and EndS Edit

Smoke mixture. When using the the ProTank 3 mini setup (which has a coil in the range of 1.2-1.5 ohms), Rick Findley recommends a mix of 80% vegetable glycerine and 20% distilled water. Use distilled water in order to avoid mineral build-up over time. Rick mentions that with the EgoT, he used 100% VG for maximum vapor because the coil did not burn very hot.

Coil burnout and revival. The e-Cig atomizers have a wire-wrapped wick (coil) that gets hot and vaporizes the smoke mixture. Eventually, these wicks may burn out at which point the coil needs replacing. Fortunately, the coils are inexpensive and easily replaceable. We recommend keeping an extra coil or two handy. In some cases, a dead coil may be revived using this method recommended by Rick Findley: fill the tank halfway with lemon juice, white vinegar, citric acid & water, or alcohol and shake. Repeat. Let the coil dry over night. Then dry burn a couple of times. To dry burn, attach the battery to the EMPTY atomizer and press the button for not more than 2 or 3 seconds. Repeat. Fill the tank and try it. If it does not work, throw the coil away.

Extra Parts. While the e-Cig foggers seem to have good lifespans, the individual parts may occasionally fail. It is a good idea to have a spare battery or two as well as spare coil heads and chargers.

Preserving battery life. Once turned on, e-Cigs are in a sort of standby mode that causes some battery drain. To preserve battery life with eGo-style batteries, press the button 5 times rapidly to turn it off. Repeat the procedure to turn it back on.

Battery Tips Edit

Rick Findley provides the following tips (see this post)With your Ego style batteries and regular charging units you have to be careful not to overcharge them. The vv (variable voltage) batteries will take up to 3 hours to fully charge as the regular Ego type will take an hour (no less). The larger capacity Ego style batteries (650mAh--1100mAh) may take a bit longer than 1 hour.

If There are newer models of "monster" battery (mods) now (VAMO V5) which will shut off automatically when a short is detected or when the voltage drops below 3.2 and which also give you LED readouts of wattage output and volts--these are expensive.

All these batteries are adaptable to or accept the 510 ego style threading. It is worth noting that the cheaper type chargers are not well built and will develop wiring problems that will short out your batteries. If you tighten the battery too tightly onto the threaded USB charger head, it can rotate and twist the inside wire connections until they disconnect. A decent charger is a must. Any battery that is rechargeable does have a life span (approx. 300 charges) and will eventually stop working. They should last a year or more with frequent use. Note: your push button (ego) style batteries will start flashing when it is is need of a recharge. Do not rely on the green light on your charger turning red to indicate the battery is charged--this is not always a reliable indicator. -- Rick

Ohms and Watts Edit

by Rick Findley


Ecig coils are rated in ohms (resistance). The Ecig batteries are rated in volts (force). The output (power) is rated in watts. The optimum recommended range for output is between 9-11 watts (my sweet spot). You can push the watts up to between 11-12 watts. This is safe, but be alerted that you will exhaust the battery and liquid faster and may shorten the lifespan of your coil (above 12.0 is excessive and unnecessary).

The regular Ego style battery operates at an average of 3.7 volts (which slowly decreases as the charge is used up--the battery will shut off at 3.2 volts). With a lower ohm coil atomizer (such as 1.5 ohms) and a 900mAh battery, fully-charged, you can expect the battery to last approx. 3 hours with heavy use.

A variable volt (VV) battery with the same diameter as the regular Ego battery has become available that allows you to adjust the voltage between 3.3 to 4.8.




1.5........................4.0 (VV).............10.67*




   * recommended range

‎ # above recommended range but safe

E-Cig Information SourcesEdit

Rick Findley writes: "For online reviews of almost every E-Cig product on the market (past and present) I recommend Indoor Smokers (for general technical knowledge) and Phil Busardo (for in depth technical knowledge). Both can be located online and on YouTube."

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