Dipless tri-string wands have been invented by a few different people. So far, no dipless tri-string has come to market.


20121001 NoDip Tri-String

20121001 NoDip Tri-String

Keith Johnson posted a YouTube video in June 2013 featuring documentation footage he shot in Oct. 2012 demonstrating his dippless design (which he has since refined) is called NoDip. The video includes hints about how to make one yourself.

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In 2013 Bubble Toy Inventor Kalvin Klundt mentioned on the SBF, the Soap Bubble Fanciers Yahoo Group that he had invented a compact dipless tri-string called Power Stix in 2001 which had not yet made it to market. Power Stix was licensed by a bubble toy manufacturer who chose not to put it into production. This invention may find a home with another manufacturer.

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