The water:detergent dilution ratio can have a huge impact on the soap film thickness. Sometimes, it is useful to adjust dilution in the field to achieve a desired characteristic. It is generally advised that you start with a dilute solution and add detergent rather than add water to a solution as adding water reduces the polymer concentration as well as the detergent concentration. With some polymer mixes having too little polymer at high dilution makes the resulting juice less friendly.

Adjustment Table Edit

This handy table shows the amount of detergent in 1 liter of bubble juice at the indicated dilution. To bring the dilution from one column to the next, add the amount of detergent indicated in the delta column.

Dilution Adjustment Table
Dilution 25:1 20:1 16:1 13:1
Detergent (grams) 38.5 47.5 58.8 71.4
Delta (grams to add) - 11.3 11.3 12.6

[EDITOR: add a 32:1 column]

How to use the table. If you have one liter of 25:1 juice add 11.3 grams of detergent to bring it to approximately 20:1. (The calculation is slightly off because we are ending up with slightly more than a liter after the soap is added).

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