Mid sub-ohm model ecig atomizeres have a power range of 15w-30w using a .5 ohm coil. This vapor pipe design is suitable for this range of power. Shown here is the more pricey Eleaf iStick 1-40w 2600mAh "box mod" style regulated battery. It features variable wattage control, OLED display window, temperature control and 10 second auto shutoff.   The atomizer is an Authentic Kangertech Subtank Mini with .5 ohm resistance coil and 4.5ml tank capacity.  This pipe design is not recommended for the super sub-ohm (40-80W+) models.

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Can be used with cylindrical or box (rectangular) style mods (batteries)

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Many different medium range (15w-30W) sub-ohm model ecigs can be used for this design


You will need two 3/4" CPVC "T" fittings with a middle port reduced to 1/2". Make a mark at least 1/2" up from the bottom for your first cut.


The finished 15W-30W DIY sub-ohm vapor maker. Very compact and nice looking.


Make more cuts as shown. The cuts on the "T" (to the right in this photo) should be make as close to the center port as possible. Note: all the pieces you cut from both "T" sections are discarded.


Make your first cut (using a regular hacksaw).


The pieces will not fit over a standard 22mm diameter ecig atomizer so you will have to grind out the inside of each cut piece so it will fit loosely.


Clean up the edges after making all your cuts with some medium grit sandpaper.


Try to make sure you grind out these pieces as uniform as possible.


Grind the "T" pieces inside until they fit loosely over the ecig atomizer/tank section. You DO NOT have to grind out the smaller diameter center port


The center port needs to be aligned with the vent holes at the base of the atomizer


Keep checking for a fit until you have enough space between the atomizer the the CPVC pieces so that it fits loosely (approx. 1mm clearance all the way around).


make sure the two pieces you attached line up well inside. If not, grind a bit more until they do.


You must use CPVC cement to attached the pieces together permanently--no other adhesive will work as well.


Insert it into the center bottom port as shown


To reduce the center bottom port you can snip off or sawcut a short piece of 1/2" CPVC tubing.

Vert4017 shown. Glue this into place


A 1/2" cap fitting will do nicely to close off the top of the main body of the pipe


I opted to use the flat top CPVC 1/2" cap cut in half.


There are various caps you can use.....


Ready to clean up with some fine grit sandpaper and paint.


Seal of around the cap with CPVC cement (I applied this with a Q-tip) so no vapor escapes.


Use a quality paint and double check the fit.


Again--any suitable size or type tubing can be made to work.


You need one (1) rubber washer this size to secure the seal at the bottom,


Slide the rubber washer down to where it meets the battery making. It will be a very tight fit. Notice that it is well below the air flow hole at the bottom of the atomizer.


You need to bevel the bottom inside edge of your pipe with a half-round medium course file. The angle should be roughly 45 degrees.


This will help make a leak-proof seal at the bottom. Try making the bevel as consistant as possible.


Attach the tubes of choice. A large diameter straw for the exit tube can also be used. There are many possible options for what you eventually choose to use


An airtight seal should be made by twisting the pipe piece into place.


The results are rewarding.

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