There are many applications for your bubble gear, tri-sticks and wicks using velcro straps. I bought 1 meter long strips, 2" wide and sliced the strips in half to 1". You can slice them again into 1/2" wide strips which makes the cost just pennies for each strap.

You can bundle up more than one tri-stick for easy transport.


Have the soft side against whatever you are strapping so the rough side does not attach itself to the material it is against. Use your imagination for the different ways these straps can be put to use. Shown here is a single wick ready to put aside when not in use.


There is a rough side.....


...and a soft side


Self adhesive Velcro strips can be purchased at local fabric stores. Sometimes they are wide enough to slice down the middle once or twice to double or quadruple the number of strips you can make.


Measure it to any length you desire. I cut mine to 4" and 6" long strips.


Cut equal size lengths and remove the paper backing to expose the sticky side


Press the sticky side of the rough strip to the sticky side of the soft strip so they adhere to each other.

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