The finished vapor maker.

High wattage (so-called super-sub-ohm) E-Cigs can generate a lot of vapor, but they can get very hot. The plans on this page show how to turn the eleaf iJust2 E-Cig into a vapor maker for making smoke bubbles. You can apply this design to other models but you will likely need to make adjustments as the precise measurements will differ.

The ijust2 has a power output of about 60W-80W and is not adjustable. With continuous use over a short period of time, a higher wattage e-cigs can get hot. This design exposes part of the atomizer tank to the open air to reduce overheating. This design can also work for other models with a 22mm diameter atomizer tank.

This page is a three part photo essay:

  • Part I--Building the bottom
  • Part II--Building the top
  • Part III--Putting it together.

PART I -- Building the bottomEdit


Cut off one end (I used a hacksaw)


3·/4" CPVC "T" fitting. Cut one end close to the center port as shown.


Use a medium grit sandpaper to clean up the surface and edges (do both sides so they are the same)

B83 shown


Drill a "starter hole" in the middle

B85 shown


The inside diameter of this piece is just a tiny bit too small to fit over the ecig--you need to hone out the inside using a drill attachment or file. The ring has to be loose fitting to allow air to pass into all of the airholes of the atomizer tank. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!


Use the starter hole so you can drill a larger 1/2" hole (as shown)


With a 1/2 round medium course file create a beveled edge on both sides as shown so you get a tight seal on both sides of this piece.


Make this piece very loose fitting so the airflow is sufficient for maximum vapor production.


Put this piece to the other piece you cut to see if you have a flush contact (as shown). Continue filing until you do.


Use a section of 1/2" CPVC tubing, rubbing one end on a 1/2" half-rounf medium course file


...ready to attach


You want one end to look like this. Cut off approx. 1/2 to 5/8" from the end.


Using a Q-tip dab some CPVC cement on the contact surface


Since CPVC cement will melt the surface and "weld" the two surfaces together you need to immediately apply pressure to the two connected pieces for approx 20-30 seconds


Attach these two pieces together making sure the hole you drilled is centered to the middle of the smaller piece


Using a Q-tip dab some cement to the outside of the contact point all the way around the seam. MOVE ON TO PART II


PART II -- Building the topEdit


A CPVC elbow fitting ccan be used for the top piece. It may need to be shimmed so it will fit snugly over the mouthpiece of the atomizer. You can use a 1/2" PEX tubing or CPVC or another material or means for a make it fit.


Insert your sleeve and sawcut it as flush as you can.


Rub each end of the elbow fitting you have sleeved onto some course sandpaper until flush


Even a 1/2" clear plastic tube will work as a sleeve. Your options are limitless.


Before painting use a fine grit sandpaper to score up the surfaces you will be painting to help the paint adhere even better


Check your fit to make sure it is snug.


A 1/2" clear plastic tube can also be used as an attachment to the mouthpiece if you choose to reverse the direction you want to blow


Use a quality paint.


Part III - Putting it TogetherEdit

The options for what type or size tubes you use is wide open. You can fit this to blow either from the top or bottom--or both ways. What you see illustrated here has worked well for me. If these exact materials are not available to you feel free to experiment on your own to make changes accordingly as you see fit.<


HomeDepot or any decent hardware store will have these rubber washers.....


...which will fit tightly over the atomizer as shown


Move the first washer into position as shown


Slide on the bottom CPVC piece and the second rubber washer--make sure the washers are snug against the CPVC piece. IMPORTANT: The surfaces of the CPVC piece that contact the rubber washers have to be very smooth and clean to make a good seal.


Line up this piece to align with the airlfow vents on on any atomizer you are using as shown...


This is how it should look before adding the blow tube and the exit tubes...


To blow from the bottom I prefer a flexible clear tubing


Different size tubes (2) and one fat straw can be used


Large diam. straw shimmed to fit nicely


A tube can also fit inside the elbow fitting


Or a larger tube fitting on the outside of the fitting. Whichever your prefer


Blow from the bottom to get vapor thru the top with a flexible blow tube or...


Or switch the two so you are blowing from the top in reverse

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