by Rick Findley

No. 8 multi mini hoop rickf
This bubble hoop creates hundreds of bubbles with a single wave of the wand.  This wand is made from zip-ties and an inexpensive plastic kitchen strainer whose mesh has been removed!

See Kitchen Strainer Multi-Loop Wands for an alternate adhesive-free design that uses drilled holes rather than the slots.


How to Make ItEdit

What you need:

  • 8" zip ties
  • super glue
  • kitchen strainer with plastic rim and handle
  • broom handle (for making zip tie hoops uniform)

Preparation (not shown): Remove the wire mesh from a plastic-handled kitchen strainer. The taller the strainer's plastic the better as it makes dipping in a shallow pan easier.

No. 1 multi-mini hoop rickf
Make your mini-hoops by tightening the zip ties around a broom handle to ensure uniformity.
No. 2 multi mini hoop rickf
Use a spot of super glue on each loop to prevent them from collapsing further.
No. 3 multi-mini hoop rickf
Arrange your loops around the strainer, spaced as you would like them in your final wand. Notice that the ends of the zip ties radiate from the center of the hoop. This arrangement is important for consistency.

Mark the location of each zip tie. You will be making slots for them later.

No. 4 multi mini hoop rickf
Lay out and mark the positions for the inner loops. The inner loops will be placed between every other mark for the outer loops.
No. 5 multi mini hoop rickf
With a regular handsaw (or Dremel) cut slots where you made your marks.
No. 6 mult-mini hoop rickf
With a soldering iron, fuse the zip ties to the strainer. A spot of super-glue will further strengthen the weld. You can use use hot-melt glue or epoxy if a soldering iron is not available.
No. 7 multi-mini hoop rickf
If possible, cut a gap where the handle meets the hoop to prevent a large film from forming that would interfere with the production of the small bubbles.
No. 8 multi mini hoop rickf
The finished wand


Demonstrating the Mulit-Mini Loop Bubble Wand Video 1

Demonstrating the Mulit-Mini Loop Bubble Wand Video 1

Demo 1
Demonstrating the Multi

Demonstrating the Multi.Mini Loop Bubble Wand Video 2

Demo 2
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