DIY Multi-Loop Bubble Wand - PEX TUBINGEdit

by Rick Findley

This article provides the steps for making a multi-loop style bubble wand whose central hoop is made from PEX tubing. It features an exclusive bridge and handle design. It makes use of a central hoop to which mini-wands are attached. The design can be adapted (as shown in other articles) to allow for zip ties or other materials to be used in place of the mini-wands.

It can be made with materials that are generally easy to find and uses ordinary tools. It requires a bit of precision. Though it can be tedious and repetitious to make, the result is awesome. You will have to invest some time and patience, but you will be well rewarded. Note: It is a very good idea to dab some silicone into the open ends of any straw pieces as a sealer and to prevent them from filling up with bubble juice.

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