by Danny Briant

Simple cheap helium gun - the helium isn't as cheap! Inspired by KJBubbleguy aka Keith Michael Johnson. See his excellent videos for inspiration on how to play with this toy.

Dbryant heliumgun 02
What you need:
  • One balloon
  • One piece of plastic pipe/flexible tubing
  • One nozzle from a carton of wine

The tricky bit is getting the right size tube for your particular nozzle. Look in your local hardware shop.

Dbryant heliumgun 03
One bottle of helium - I think this party balloon version is more expensive than other versions.
Dbryant heliumgun 04
Ready for some fun! Ziggy is immune to bubbles - almost.
Dbryant heliumgun 05
Push the tube over the helium jet.

Press your nozzle so its open. Let in the helium to fill up the balloon.

Dbryant heliumgun 06
Make a bubble. Dip the tube in some mix to wet it. Insert the tube into the bubble and press your nozzle.
Dbryant heliumgun 07
See the bubble start to lift?

Daniel Dyboski-Bryant July 20, 2014

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