This foamer is highly effective and costs about $1.00 (U.S.) to make. Since foamers are usually an interactive feature it is wise to keep the solution you use kid friendly. R.A.D. (Rick's Alternative Detergent) works. Also, 1 cup of water (or less) with 1 tablespoon of baby shampoo will work well and won't sting the eyes. Mike Ashe has demonstrated using 1 tablespoon of CAPB (an ingredient in RAD) that made, what seemed to be, an endless amount of foam just by spreading the CAPB onto the surface of the foamer. Mike reports that he has also had success using 3 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of CAPB and 1 tablespoon of scented baby shampoo.


Finished foamer. Follow this step-by-step for a simple how-to-do.

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Seal the connection with silicon as shown. Note: the tube is inserted into the sprayer ALMOST all the way just before it hits the flat part


A common kitchen sink sprayer attachment is required. This one is rubber and can be found at almost any discount store or market. A zip-tie, a patch of micro-fiber material (sweatshirt material or terry cloth also work) and a tube that will fit into the sprayer. 1 or 2 layers of material is all that is needed.


Also, add some multi purpose adhesive to the outer edge of the sprayer as shown (all the way around)


Place the foamer onto the center of the material and begin to "wrap" the sprayer with the material....

Foamer6g shown. Attach the zip-tie as tight as you can as shown. Now, roll the edge of the sprayer that was glued on a flat hard surface back and forth all the way around to help the glue penetrate the material.


Testing for a nice and tight foam. The most effective way I have found of making a great, tight foam is by blowing soft and slow.


You can darken the zip-tie with permanent black marking pen to match the material (black or colored zip-ties are also available). You can also spiral wrap the tube with colored electrician's tape or some decorative tape for a neater appearance.


Lots and lots of foam


Very nice looking pair of foamers


For an extra feature you can find something to use as a cap or mouthpiece. You probably have something laying around the house you can use (like a bottle cap of some kind for example). Make a hole (if one is not already there) using a drill or soldering iron and glue the cap in place.

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