This handle design has 2 sections. It features a threaded connection between the 2 sections and at the connection to the hoop.

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This photo essay shows you how to make a long handle attachment that can be shortened to a half length if desired


Materials needed are one 1/2" CPVC tube, a piece of wooden doweling that fits snugly inside the tubing....


...and 1/2" male and female threaded connectors with a cap piece


Since the doweling is probably not going to be perfectly round you may have to sand the length of it to make it fit inside your CPVC tube.


Slide the doweling inside the entire length of the tube.....

06 2 pieces

I recommend having the dowel piece be long enough to extend beyond the female thread fitting as shown here. It will fit nicely inside the male threaded piece and will eliminate unwanted flexing of the handle/bridge


Attach the female threaded fitting to the end of your tube using CPVC cement.

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Cap the end of your tube


Attach the male end of the threaded piece to the hoop with CPVC cement and attach your handle as shown.

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You can extend the length of your handle by adding an extra section that connects in the middle. Female threaded pieces always go on the right and male threaded piece on the left.

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To shorten the handle, simply disconnect the handle at the hoop and connect the last section of the handle with the cap on it to the hoop.

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