Various types of clips and rings and the like are useful for making bubble wands and bubble loops. They are often used as closures or for attaching loops or leads to the wand handles.

Clips and swivels made for saltwater fishing are rust resistant and preferred by people wishing to keep their bubble kits looking clean and professional.

Use your imagination. Craft stores and tackle shops (stores that sell equipment for fishing) are great places to look for attachment and clips. You are not limited to the items found on this page.


Split RingsEdit

Lanyard ClipsEdit



Jewelry ClaspsEdit

Swivels and Snap SwivelsEdit

Fishing "Snaps"Edit

There are a number of thingamajigs that fisherman call snaps that are useful for attachment point as they tend to be corrosion-proof an snag-resistant. They are a little trickier to use with cold, wet, and/or soapy hands but they also end to be secure, strong, lightweight, and unobtrusive. They are especially handy if you don't tend to change loops frequently in the middle of a session.

Triwand bamboo 1 IMG 4833

Tri-string wand with leader. Hawaiian snap used at the leader's end as the loop attachment point.

Typically, the snap is used at the end of a leader that is attached to the wand and a bubble loop's split rings are slid onto the snap.
Triwand bamboo 1 close snap

Hawaiian Snap attached to barrel swivel and lead.

Hawaiian Snap
. Also called Hawaiian Hook or McMahon Snap. These are very handy but a little hard to find. They can be found with and without attached barrel swivels. You can find examples here.
Triwand fastsnap close IMG 4840b

Fast Snap clipped to a swivel and used as an attachment at the end of a wand's leads.

Fast Snap. Similar to Hawaiian Snaps but more compact.

Eye HooksEdit

These are popular attachment points when making handles from dowels.

Triwand eyehook swivel close IMG 4838c

An eye hook screwed into a dowel is used to attach a lead that terminates with a snap swivel.



Stiff but bendable wire such as what is called baling wire in the U.S. is useful for creating attachment points.

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