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2012 03 26 40 1 Bubble-in-Bubble

Bubbles-in-bubbles demonstration


2012 07 12 guar juice bubbles-in-bubbles


30 bubbles inside one giant bubble 720p

Bubble-in-Bubble is a favorite trick. If you are in public and find kids too eager to pop your bubbles, teach them to blow bubbles-in-bubbles!

It takes a little bit of practice and is easier to accomplish with some solutions than other. If you are just beginning a bit of extra polymer can help.


  • Watch the videos to get a sense of some techniques that work.
  • Purse your lips and let out a burst of air by saying "BUH" or "PUH". A short, firm, focused burst often works better than longer gentle blowing.
  • Wait till the bubble has stabilized. If a bubble is twisting and turning, it is prone to popping when you blow on it.
  • Explore the angle. Many find a 30-degree or 45-degree angle aimed works better for them then doing it straight on.
  • Small bubbles are harder to blow bubbles into than larger bubbles (though very large bubbles are hard, too, because very large bubbles are fragile). Basketball/soccer size bubbles up to bubbles 4 or 5 fee (1.25-1.75 meters, approximately) in diameter is a good size range.
  • To get a feel for bubble-in-bubble, you can start with a medium size rigid hoop (big enough to blow a soccer ball size bubble, like the one shown in the upper video) and catch a bubble on the hoop. Practice blowing bubbles into such a stationery bubble.