• Sarobubble


    January 10, 2014 by Sarobubble

    hello edward .. I wanted some advice because 'some time I can not' to work well with the juice bubble ... I use the recipe with guar gum ...

    1 liter water

    1.2 g of guar

    2gr sodium bicarbonate

    1 g citric acid

    I use hot water

    add before baking powder and citric acid in water

    then add the guar and after I add the detergent

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  • Espiegel123

    I was just playing around with the amount of citric acid to add to eGoo concentrate so that when diluted with my tap water, the pH would be in the target range (7.2-7.6)

    I added 0.77 grams citric acid dissolved in 5 grams water to 234 grams of eGoo.

    I diluted with 2500 grams water -- which is WAY gooier than I would normally use. I tend to like a 15:1 water to concentrate ratio.

    The pH was about 7.5.

    Also dissolved about .75 grams citric acid in around 2 liters of water to have on hand to further dilute the juice if needed. I did not check the pH of that water/citric acid mix.

    Outside I spent some time with the diluted eGoo. It was VERY stringy. I made some nice bubbles with a 70" single twine strand top-string loop but it was pretty temperamen…

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  • Espiegel123

    For a while now, it has seemed more and more likely that the reason that baking powder or baking soda+citric acid improve bubble juice is that they shift the juice's pH into an optimal range where the surfactant seems to work best. The optimal pH depends on the detergent you are using and possibly other ingredients, too.

    Last night, I mixed up a guar-based juice and used distilled vinegar instead of baking powder for the pH adjustment. This morning (60F and 70% humidity) I tried the juice with both 32" and 70" top-string wands, and it worked great.

    The tricky part about using an acid directly in the juice (such as vinegar or citric acid) is that it is easy to add too much which would drop the pH TOO low. The juice becomes pretty useless if t…

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  • Suizezem

    One step closer

    December 20, 2013 by Suizezem

    So happy that I just want to say it because I have just wanted to try it out from the first day I heard about PEO. I may just have found a way to get my hands on some. Its an early christmas for me now and hopefullythe grinch stays away from me.

    On a secondary note hopefully theres no snow on New Years Eve, I just traded 1.5 hour of my time that evening to bubble outside the entrance for arriving guests and got my self in with a 75% discount. My christmas and new year looks brighter than ever this year and Im holding my thumbs and toes :D

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  • Suizezem

    3 Wonderful pictures

    December 15, 2013 by Suizezem

    I was out bubbling when a man came by with his camera and he sent me three pictures back that I just love.

    I just love bubbles, one step to the left and you see something else and if you get bored you move a litle more

    and then you look at pictures you find something else to love.

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  • Espiegel123

    I had one of my best supergiants sessions ever this morning. I had fairly low expectations. I did not have much juice on-hand and it was very cold (for Central California where I live). While I have had amazing sessions with temperatures in the low 50s (Fahrenheit), I have generally been disappointed when the temperature drops below 50F with supergiants seeming a bit harder to close.

    I had with me about two cups of a Charmy/Guar mix (standard guar mix with 33:1 water to Charmy ratio), a mix made with "gentle" Charmy, a Dawn Pro-based juice that was the discards from a session a few weeks ago. The Dawn-juice had unknown polymers and amounts. It probably was a mix of eGoo and HEC juice. Lastly, I had about 500 ml (or a bit less) of Bangwool b…

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  • Max T

    Advertisement for Fairy

    November 29, 2013 by Max T

    Lots of europeans bubblers know about Fairy detergent (produced by Proctor&Gamble). Look what I found! 

    PS: Just for fun, I have no intention to offence anyone.

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  • Suizezem

    Sweden sucks

    November 24, 2013 by Suizezem

    So the weather is killing me. I cant bubble. Its around freezing so bubbles just burst but my kids are having fun. The bubbles that survive the landing turn to ice so they "pop" them with there fingers and are fascinated of that they dont break, just get a hole thru them =)

    I think I need a indoor place to bubble at.

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  • Espiegel123

    Just a quick follow-up to my earlier report about trials with flax seed-based juice. I have tried a few variants including a double-strength mix (2 tablespoons of flax seed per liter at final dilution). My impression is that the mixes are pretty good but with decent humidty (which is mostly what we have had) that the mixes are inferior to guar gum and PEO and similar mixes. The flax seed goo seems to thicken bubble walls quite a bit (which means more soap to get the soap film into my preferred color zone). The bubbles seem a bit more "brittle" than bubbles made with my preferred polymers in a way similar to what happens when gelatin or xanthan gum are in the mix.

    On a few occasions (with fairly low humidity), the flax seed juice seemed to c…

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  • Suizezem

    Work in progress

    November 7, 2013 by Suizezem

    Not really had the time to do what I want, have my kids this week =) but I do make some juice and test them.

    Not easy to be short.

    This is filmed by Joshua, hes only 5.5 years old so.

    Weather was nice.

    Low wind

    Humidity 90

    From +5 down to +1 °C (41 °F - 33.8 °F)

    Was a good day.

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  • Suizezem

    Some Discoveries

    November 5, 2013 by Suizezem

    Once again I'm probably somewhere in nowhere land. For the ones reading this and something by me for the first time you may wonder why I post something thats known already. The answer is simple, I have very hard to read things, even more so if I dont understand it. To understand something I need to know something about it and for me to know I have to do it. So I experiment alots and come to my own conclusion. Still this wiki is the place where I found my base knowledge, and after a year and some month I hade my own recepie working, still in progress but its a good one.

    Lately I have been thinking alots on why, why what, well alots of why. This reached its peak when I went to Stockholm to visit my girlfriend. I put some base mix in a bag, tw…

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  • Espiegel123

    Super simple bubble juice with easily found ingredients! 

    When I first discovered bubblemaking a few years ago, one of the first recipes that I found was the one at BubbleTown. It uses just flax seed, water and detergent. For whatever reason, I never got around to trying it. This past summer on there was a lot of discussion of tricks to use in low humidity. Flax seed water (more about that below) was mentioned as an ingredient that extended bubble life significantly.

    This weekend, I made up a quick batch of very simple "flax juice" just to see if it was promising enough to pursue. It definitely is. I have no idea how it will end up comparing to other recipes, but it definitely works: for both small wand work and large bubbles.

    Conditions wer…

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  • Espiegel123

    I finally had a chance to attempt giant and super-giant bubbles under excellent conditions with Uncle Bubble Ultra Concentrate, and I am very impressed. It is the best commercial solution that I have used for giant bubbles. As you can see from the pictures and video, this juice is capable of creating world-class giants that have a lovely ghostless pop when conditions allow. My impression so far is that (like almost all bubble juice), it performs best when there is decent humidity and reasonable temperatures. Under poor conditions, it will perform better than other commercial mixes.

    Though I have had some Uncle Bubble Ultra Concentrate since early summer, I was only able to use it under reasonable conditions very recently. I had one or two b…

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  • Max T

    Is it me...

    October 21, 2013 by Max T

    ... or is it quite silent here on the Wiki? 

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  • Suizezem

    Secondary recepie

    October 9, 2013 by Suizezem

    Last blogposts bubbles was made from this:

    1.2 liter lukewarm water

    1/2 tablespoon (7.5ml) Carbonated water (I have a sodastreamer) Add this to the water.

    15 grams Natrosol

    20 grams Baking soda

    Mix baking soda and natrosol in a jar then stir it into the water. Stir it now and then, I usually let it rest after I have mixed it well for a few minutes. I just touch it a little and when I feel it has started to set on the bottom I mix it well again and then stir now and then for an hour.

    6 liters 5.5 dl of water

    1/2 dl of carbonated water added to the 6 liters and 5.5 dl of water.

    Add the natrosol mix and let it rest for a while.

    I did this a total of three times, its around 27 liters of mix but my container is filled so removed 1.5 liters and added 500…

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  • Suizezem


    October 7, 2013 by Suizezem

    Today I went out with a tweaked mix. It have, if I think right now, 55:1 (water:detergent).

    I still have to try some small things and then update my recepie here on the site.

    Heres some bubbles from it.

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  • Glowby

    Diamond braid cotton cord, sold as utility rope or sash/clothes line, can make great bubbling material. But it takes some work to make it work well. Coring is most important. They all have a core of man-made fibers, despite the "100% cotton" claim you might see on the label. This stuffing is intended to make the line stiff, which is the opposite of what a bubbler usually wants in a cord.

    Even with its core removed, it's still fairly stiff. In tri-strings, closing bubbles is difficult unless a weight is attached. In garlands, its stiffness prevents the individual loops from laying flat as you lift them from the bucket. Their bubble films can be blown out by fast winds or they can prematurely release a trickle of bubbles, taking away from the…

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  • Espiegel123

    Based on a suggestion from Cobutterfly in this thread, I have had a couple of sessions using a mix that includes gelatin as well as guar gum as Cobutterfly has had success with gelatin extending the life of her bubbles. I am not having such good luck. Indoors with the Longevity Test setup, the bubbles have a similar average life expectancy as guar gum juice at the same dilution. Occasionally, a guar/gelatin bubble lasts noticeably longer but there are also some premature poppers.

    I am experiencing a similar result outdoors with a tri-string -- although the difference is more pronounced. With the guar/gelatin mix, there have been a considerable number of times where I couldn't get the wand (70" top-string) fully open under calm, cool, humid …

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  • Espiegel123

    Over the last few weeks, I have become very interested in more carefully studying and documenting how dilution, polymers and pH affect aspects of the soap film such as color profile, "toughness", longevity, etc. It has become clear that I need an easy-to-setup lightbox setup to study soap films using the Longevity Test setup. I have tried quite a few setups over the last few weeks with varying degrees of sucess.

    I am using inexpensive lighting and camera equipment and hoping to come up with something that other people can use, too. So, that anyone that wants to study their soap films can be spared the wasted hours that I have had.

    I have wanted to make sure that the colors are saturated and that there are not too many confusing reflections a…

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  • Espiegel123

    Recently, it has become clear that it would be helpful for bubble juice mixologists to have some "baselines" that they can use for determining their detergent strengths and the related soap film thickness (via the color profile). It also seems clear that some solid baselines can be used to help us understand the way that our various amendments influence the soap film.

    Analyzing, video of bubbles made outside is tricky because it is often hard to get the right lighting conditions to make a proper evaluation and one is subect to variables that can influence one's conclusions.

    So, I have been trying to find a setup that would enable me to get consistent results across multiple sessions that will also be easy for others to replicate. So, that we…

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  • O'bubble

    Hello all, I'm a relative new bubble enthusiast who is still working on perfecting his mixes. One of the things I have started doing recently is journalizing my attempts at bettering my bubbles. It would be great to have a community spreadsheet to which everyone can contribute data in a more easily analyzed format. For example Guar Gum Bubble Juice:







    Guar Gum

    ¼ t


    ½ t

    ¼ t






    Isopropyl  90%



    1T + ½t

    ½ T

    Baking Powder


    ½ t

    ½ t


    Dawn Non-concentrate

    2 2/3T


    1 ½T



    Bubble life










    This would allow people to compile the information instead of trying to individually solve people’s questions in comments. I’m not sure if that is possible on a Wiki page. Your thought and id…

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  • Max T

    Rubbermaid products in Europe

    September 20, 2013 by Max T

    One of the best materials for the wicks is made from the RubberMaid MicroFiber Webfoot mop head. These are made in US and are nearly impossible to find in Europe.

    After using nearly 2 weeks on finding a source for these here in Europe, I stumbled on the following address:


    Halifax Avenue

    Fradley Park

    Lichfield, WS13 8SS

    United Kingdom

    One could call +44 01543 447 000  and ask for the "Rubbermaid Commercial" department.

    I've got ahold of a guy from Sweden, Joacim T. He's the representative of Rubbermaid products for the Nordics (and I'm from Denmark which is the part of the Nordic countries). You might want to talk to someone who's a representative for your region in Europe.

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  • Espiegel123

    Finally, an indoor video setup that can be used to capture some of the nuances of color profiles that occur at different dilutions -- an important exercise for refining bubble juice. And, I was able to see that adjusting the pH of Dawn Pro has a significant impact on the soap film.

    It has been driving me nuts that to do dilution testing and compare film thicknesses I have had to go outdoors with tristrings. My attempts to capture the nuances of color profiles has always failed indoors. I have tried numerous setups. In the past month, I have spent a few minutes a day trying different setups and finally found one that seems to be pretty useful. It involves going into the laundry and putting a floodlight on the ground pointed away from the wa…

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  • Espiegel123

    This entry was written at the end of August, and I apparently forgot to post it. It refers to tests performed 2013/08/28/

    It looks like mixing order makes a difference with some ingredients.

    During the period since it became generally accepted that baking soda/citric acid and/or baking powder are beneficial to bubble juice that makes use of Procter&Gamble detergents, there has been a lot of discussion as to whether mixing order makes a difference. For the most part, people have indicated that they had the best results when baking soda was added early and the citric acid added while all water was present. With baking powder, it has seemed that it was most effective when added when all the water was present.

    While debugging eGoo, I mixed up 'fr…

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  • Suizezem

    Recepie experiment

    September 17, 2013 by Suizezem

    I have been annoyed with my recepie, I do use a  scale and still result varies.

    Today when walking home something hit me about the mix of baking soda and citric acid, how it can become carbonic acid. My thought is that sometimes the reaction can start even if recepie is followed, therefor make the mix more acid than itended, and even make it become increasing acid over time.


    What use is the baking soda and citric acid. Do each of them add something to the mix or is it the combination or maybe both as mix and as separated ingridients. So today I decided to test one theory that it actually is the reaction making carbonic acid that reacts with the mix.

    Reaction and result seem to prove that my theory at least partly is correct. The mix …

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  • Espiegel123

    Wiki member Susan(also known as Columbine the Butterfly) has suggested that Knox gelatin can be used to improve longevity in dry conditions -- even when it is hot and humidity drops below 30%. Like me, Susan reports that she has not found glycerine (which I have tried in ridiculously large amounts) to be useful for extending bubble lifetimes (at least of medium  and large bubbles) in these conditions.

    I mixed up some juice according to her recommendations though I have not had a chance to really test it. I will update this post when I get a chance to do a real test.

    She recommends 4 packets of Knox gelatin per gallon of bubble juice. She instructs that the gelatin be dissolved in just boiled water and allowed to cool to 80F before incorporat…

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  • Suizezem

    Some Videos

    September 17, 2013 by Suizezem

    So yesterday I finally got out for some meditation and bubbletime. Weather was cloudy, cold and rain in the air, and after a bit of bubbling it actually started to rain and all bubbles are made in rain, all from some heavy rain to just a drizzle. Bubbles only seem to pop more often when splitting up but other than that poping effect from rain wasnt that bad.

    Here is some Videos from yesterday, its hard to see how big the bubbles actually are.

    With time I will hopefully learn to get some better videos, its really hard to really show the incredible beauty in a bubble.

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  • Espiegel123

    T-Shirt Yarn Notes

    September 13, 2013 by Espiegel123

    This blog post will be occasionally updated as I explore T-Shirt Yarn as a bubble wick. It may tell you something that I have quite a bit of t-shirt yarn but rarely use it -- except at the bottom string of a 100"+ top-string tri-string. But, that does not mean that T-Shirt Yarn is not worth exploring. It is just that I have available some great materials  that work so well that I have note explored the t-shirt yarn fully. RubberMaid Webfoot MicroFiber Mop yarn and RubberMaid Rayon Finish Mop yarn for top strings, Bed, Bath and Beyond Cooking Twine (soda-washed) and some bamboo yarn.

    Several people that I know love t-shirt yarn. If you cannot get your hands on the materials mentioned above, t-shirt yarn is definitely worth exploring.

    A few pe…

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  • Espiegel123

    Entry to be updated. Session goal was to compare Dawn Pro/Sun (Sunsational Scents Lemon) hybrid mix with a Dawn Pro-only mix. Both mixes used 1 tsp guar gum (slurried with isopropyl), 2 tsp baking powder, 3640 grams water. The amount of detergent was different since Dawn Pro and Dawn Pro/Sun have different surfactant strengths. One of the goals was to try to find in the Dawn/Sun for Dawn substitution ratio (to achieve same surfactant concentration as measured by color profile).

    The Dawn Pro solution had 150 grams detergent which yields a water:detergent ratio of about 24:1. The Dawn/Sun mix had 185 grams detergent (19.6:1 ratio).

    My quick impression in the field was that the color profiles of the bubbles from the Dawn Pro-only and the Dawn P…

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  • Espiegel123

    Just a quick note. In preparation for writing an article about how to evaluate a new detergent, I spent a little time with Sun Sunsational Scents and also Method Dish Soap. Because time is short, I won't go into details (though I hope to post some in another article).

    Along the way, I seem to have found a lead on a nealry ghost-free bubble juice made with detergents that I can get locally: Dawn Pro with a little bit of Sun as a ghost buster.

    Sun on its own (at least the version that I used) does not work very well. At 5:1 (water:detergent) it is something like Dawn Pro at 18:1. Even with the potency difference considered, it does not work well on its own. The bubbles are short-lived and the film touchy. Baking powder was essential to get it …

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  • Megan P.75

    Last Spring (or late Winter, maybe?) when I requested a sample of sodium alginate from Tic Gums, I perused the website and saw that they also offered several different types of industrial grade guar gum powder.  After speaking with their live chat customer service person, I chose two that she felt might work well for bubble juice and requested samples of those as well.

    I was working on the waterless guar concentrate at the time, pretty much to the point of obsession.  It was early on in the trials, before I'd stopped adding baking powder to the recipe so, I mixed up two test batches (one of each sample I'd ordered) labeled the bottles with their contents, wrote the date on them and then promptly set them on a shelf in the "bubble cabinet" i…

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  • Suizezem

    My Natrosol Recepie

    September 3, 2013 by Suizezem

    After the last session I decided to share the recepie Im using right now. As usual tweaking it probably is needed but its working well and it makes me proud to be its daddy.

    What Im working on at the moment is lovering the sugar, I have a little of it in the mix.

    1 mix = 1400 grams of finished bubble juice. I usually makes around 6 bottles each time.

    1. 200 ml luke warm water in a bowl (smaller bowl actually makes a difference on the mix)
    2. 5 grams (1 tsp) Baking Soda
    3. Put the Baking Soda in the water and mix.
    4. 1.67 grams of Natrosol (0.75 tsp) a bit more or a little less wont kill the mix
    5. Gentle dash the natrosol into the water while you rigorously stir the water. Stir it well so it bubbles up and you get a good thick foam on the top, at least a 4-7 mi…
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  • Suizezem

    So today I was out for a few hours with three mixes that rested over night.

    Temp 22, blue sky and sun. Humidity 50.

    Condition windy all over the place.

    Pictures: No

    Record: No

    Fun: Yes

    The wind is all over the place, put up the cam one way and it blows the other. So I gave up and just enjoyed the show. My observation of today. Can´t say theres any real differences. Same sizes, closed bubbles, sometimes live long sometimes live shorter. Small bubbles from garland flew so far and high sometimes that it just was incredible. And still none of the mixes really stood out. Popped the same way, looked the same and so on. So conclusion of this is that I need to find a place to put up the cam with the wind in one direction.

    So Im probably out again tonight…

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  • Suizezem

    So today I went out to test out Edwards HEC recepie.

    Personal thoughts about the recepie, it´s kind of fun that I didn´t know about it and some conclusions are exactly the same. What I do understand is that my Natrosol is a bit less potent but I did not add any extra, have some concentrated cellulose that I can use to add up. Solution will be a bit more diluted so I will compensate that if needed.

    I also had my own recepie with me out, original and one with half the ammount of sugar.

    By the tests done today my own batch with 50% sugar lost in all classes except for garlands. On the 78 inch top string Edwards lost on stability but on 38 inches it was equal to mine and was holding a bit longer. I just see today as an early test. I will let the …

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  • Suizezem


    September 1, 2013 by Suizezem

    So finally I ordered some natrosol a few weeks back, its incredible how good it is. I have gone from something easiest explained as eating at McD to having a BBQ at home with friends. Im not so sure about my recepie with this but for the moment Im using 1.1 grams of Natrosol per liter of finished bubblejuice. And I finally started to read other, or at least one other recepie and it had so much less baking soda, soon I have to start experiment with my recepie.

    I have been out almost every day possible, bubbling is a great way to meditate or just beeing social and making people happy, depending on where I go. I love the way bubbles bring smiles to most people that see them, everybody have some kind of memory from bubbles and yesterday a man s…

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  • Espiegel123

    Over the weekend, I mixed up two batches of Charmy-based bubble juice. One was diluted at 33:1 (water:detergent) and the other at 50:1. Both used 1/4 heaping teaspoon guar/liter of water and 1/2 heaping teaspoon Rumford baking powder.

    Time: 8 am. Temp: 65F. Humidity 70-75% RH. Sunny.

    The 50:1 was able to make some 20+ foot tubes with a nominally 32-inch (actually 29 inch) top-string modular loop (rayon mop top-string, BBB twine bottom). Closing 20 foot tubes was not a problem. I could get four or more nice-sized spheres per dip. The colors of all were rich and weighted towards green/red indicating a thick soap film. With a 72-inch top-string loop, it was very hard to close bubbles as the film popped (at the front) on closing. At this dilutio…

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  • Max T

    HEC - Denmark

    August 24, 2013 by Max T

    This blog post will describe my hunting after HEC products. It looks like it's much harder to get your hands on HEC if you're from Europe. So I'll be describing my actions to get HEC here in hope that it might help someone later on :)

    Since I can't get my hands on Tylose here in Denmark, I need some other HEC product (HEC stands for HydroxyEthyl Cellulose). And that would be Natrosol or something like it.

    After looking for HydroxyEthyl Cellulose on eBay UK, I found the following item: Hydroxyethyl cellulose 250 Grams Water-soluble polymers thickening Agent

    Seller couldn't answer me if it was Natrosol or not, he had no details on the product whatsoever. But given the low price, I've decided to order some to see how it performs. 

    ... Waiting for…

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  • Max T

    Soda Washing

    August 23, 2013 by Max T

    After reading the article on Soda Washing, I've decided to give it a go to some of the piping cord that I've bought earlier . 

    Sodium carbonate (washing soda) can be easily made from sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) by heating in the oven, but I've decided to get some off the eBay!

    Now just gotta wait approx. 1 week before it arrives.

    Got it finally home - one bottle as on the picture and the "refill" plastic bag with another portion. Let's cook! ;)

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  • Glowby

    Many of the best materials for constructing bubbling wicks are made of multiple strands of fiber that are mechanically twisted together by the manufacturer or by the bubbler who wants better control over the thickness of his cords. However, due to their twisty nature these lines can present a problem - they twist. This can interfere with the opening of a bubble and prematurely close a bubble. Although some degree of twist can potentially work to your advantage during either maneuver, I prefer to build and use tri-strings with as little twist as possible.

    Here I discuss some observations I've made on twisted lines and ways I've found to deal with them in the construction of tri-string wicks.

    If you prefer to use a dipping weight, only very tw…

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  • Espiegel123

    I made up just a liter of bubble juice to see what a Charmy /Guar Gum juice would be like with a water:detergent ratio of 33:1 since at 25:1 the Charmy mix creates a film that is like a 16:1 (or less) Dawn Pro mix.

    The results were epic. It is a good thing that I made only 1 liter (+30 ml) of juice -- or I would never have gotten back indoors to work. (Sadly, I must hoo.)

    Temperature was 62F and humidity 75%.

    The mix was very hastily prepared with room temperature water:

    • 1 liter water
    • 1/4 heaping teaspoon (very heaping) Bob's Red Mill guar gum
    • rubbing alcohol to slurry
    • slurry the guar gum in a 16 ounce cup -- add about 250 ml (8 ounces) of the  1 liter water.
    • stir and let it sit for a few minutes
    • 30 grams Charmy added to the remaining wa…
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  • Max T

    HEC / Tylose - Denmark

    August 23, 2013 by Max T


    As I was looking into HEC bubble-jiuce, I've noticed , that HEC Tylose H 200000 YP2 (PDF) was the one with the biggest viscosity. At the same time, that HEC is produced by a Germany company in Europe and since I'm located in Europe, I had to use european substitutes instead of the ones used in US.

    After a bit of investigation, I found out that the only distributor of their products in Denmark is as follows:

    • Andreas Jennow A/S
    • Abildgårdsparken 8B
    • DK-3460 Birkerød
    • Phone: +45 45 99 95 20
    • Fax: +45 45 99 95 30
    • Email:

    They've got more offices in other countries, have a look at their contact page .

    Contact info:

    • Klaus Mikkelsen
    • Email:
    • Phone: +45 45 99 95 38
    • or
    • Lene Bisgaard 
    • Email:
    • Phone: +45 45 99 95 23

    I've …

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  • Jeraqui

    Hello fellow big bubblers!

    I am using cottom clothesline at approximately 3/16" thickness, with the core removed.  I have not yet *soda washed* any of my bubble tri-line yet.   That is next on the agenda!    Today I made 2 extra gallons of bubble solution, and added it to my 1/2 gallon I had from a few days ago.   I am almost

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  • Max T


    August 22, 2013 by Max T

    In case anyone want a small and pretty cheap hydrometer (and thermometer at once), I suggest looking at these 2:

    Mini 1.6" LCD Digital Thermometer Hygrometer - White + Black (1 x LR44)

    Mini 2.0" LCD Car / Indoor Thermometer / Hygrometer - Black (-10'C~50'C / 20%~95% RH / 1 x LR44)

    I've ordered both :)

    US folks! Be aware, that only the first one displays the temperature both in C and in F! sells all kind of made-in-china stuff, it's cheap, somewhat relaible and the shipping is free! It usually takes 2-3 weeks to get the order from mainland China to Denmark (North Europe).

    PS: I am in NO WAY related to and this is NOT an advertizment, but a helping hand to those who needs a cheap hydrometer :)

    I got both of them in the mail box today.…

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  • Spike96950

    help with recipe

    August 20, 2013 by Spike96950

    Hi all....... I live on a small island in the tropical Western Pacific.  Operating temps are consistently in the high 80s and the humidity is the same or more.  Problem is ingredients.  Most of the items are shipped from Asia, but sadly no Charmy.  I can find Dawn Ultra and I can get glycerin, Mr. Bubbles, personal lube but no Guar, no J-lube locally and none of the Polymers.  I need to find companies that would ship those items out here, not really an easy feat.  What kind of recipe can I make minus those things to make really big bubbles.  Had some great tubes and some larger diameter bubbles my first weekend out.  Right now I have a tri-string with 40" drops and top string made from a cotton drape cord.  Do you think a thinner diameter …

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  • Max T

    Fairy detergent info

    August 19, 2013 by Max T

    Fairy is a brand of Procter&Gamble.

    Original colour of Fairy is green. Lately, a new detergent, Yes Platinum (blue), hit the market here in Denmark.

    At the same time, it seems that P&G have a bit of a mix in their marketing material as at the current moment as the Yes detergent is green (and it should be blue). See the picture below:

    I will have to call P&G and investigate what is what because I can't get my hands on Fairy Ultra which have been recommended here on the wiki and I can't live with the next best.

    Proctor&Gamble Nordics:
    Customer phone number regarding detergents: 70123839

    Official contact info in Denmark:

    P&G Danmark
    Procter & Gamble Danmark ApS
    Kirkebjerg Parkvej 9,
    2605 Brøndby
    +45 33269100

    P&G's representat…

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  • Max T

    Guar mix with Fairy

    August 19, 2013 by Max T

    Today I finally got some time to play with the bubbles! As of now I've been testing only guar-based bubble-juice.

    Here's the recipe I'm using:

    1. 6.5 g. of guar gum
    2. 7 g. of baking powder
    3. Slurry these 2 with 90% isopropyl alcohol (about 2 oz) (add just enough to cover the dry ingredients)
    4. Add 8 fluid ounces of Fairy Original detergent to the mix
    5. Stir gently with a spoon until it's blended
    1. Take 1 gallon (128 fl.oz) of hot (nearly boiling) tap water, draw it into a bucket
    2. Add a heaping teaspoon of baking powder to the water and mix it well
    3. Add the mix to the water
    4. Stir gently every 5-10 mins for an hour or two, leave opened over night

    This mix produces a green and quite slimy bubblejuice. I can get bubbles with a diameter up to 1.5m (60"), but they are qu…

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  • Espiegel123

    2013 08 18 Net Refined

    August 19, 2013 by Espiegel123

    I tied in some more yarn to reduce the average cell size. This dramatically increased the juice consumption and yielded performance closer to what I was after though I would lke another net with smaller cells.

    I also experimented with juice. I started with 25:1 water:Dawn Pro with baking powder. It worked ok. Much better than with a tristring. I then added a squirt of [PEO] gel (2% degraded WSR301 solution). That worked even better. I added a squirt of soap which seemed even better. It has me thinking thr for nets. And there bubble clusters that thin films may be beneficial. I plan to explore that.

    QUICK NOTE FROM THE NEXT DAY. My son Jakey asked me to go out and make bubbles with the net. The wind speed was just right and the refined net wa…

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  • Suizezem

    pH and Cellulosa

    August 18, 2013 by Suizezem

    So as usuall I have been reading to get some more understanding. First I have for a year been reading about making bubbles, recepies, comments and so forth. People are divided about the usefullnes from baking soda and citric acid. Maybe this is knowledge known already somewhere, just something I have missed. What I have found out is that some forms of cellulosa need a more suitable water, around pH 5, to accept the water better. By adding baking soda I guess that will change the water a bit again to make it more stable for bubbles. This might be why some people say its working better with and some say better without I guess. Depending on what kind of Cellulosa they have, or sometimes maybe think they have. Its all about how its supposed to…

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  • Max T

    Frozen Bubbles

    August 18, 2013 by Max T

    I gotta try this next time we get a harsh winter! Must see it for myself :)

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  • Espiegel123

    2013 08 17 First Net

    August 17, 2013 by Espiegel123

    This is my first bubble net. It did not end up as the finely-crafted precision bubbling device that I imagined in my mind.

    I will probably add in some more strings to subdivide the over-sized cells that on the left side fo the net.

    The top and side strings are 48" (120cm). I cute those strings a little longer so that they would up at 48" once the knots were tied.

    The white outer strings are soda-washed Bed, Bath and Beyon cooking twine. The other strings are Classic Elite Bam-Boo. A very lightweight 100% bamboo viscose round yarn that has been discontinued, but which one can still occasionally find (at reasonable prices) on the net. While the strings are very very light, they hold a lot of juice relative to their weight.

    There hasn't been enou…

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