Keith Johnson, KJ Bubbleguy, originally conceived of and open-sourced the now popular bubble garland some time ago. This is my 18 loop updated anti-fold-over design using 3/16" diamond-braid SecureLine clothesline cord by Lehigh with a removable core. As of this writing (August 2017), it can be found In the past, it has been found at Walmart but that may have changed. The Walmart version (label circa 2013) is shown on the Wicks page. This cord type is  recommended by Glowby the Bubbler and has proven to be very productive--thanks to both of you. See page: SecureLine Diamond Braid Cord

PREPARING THE CORD: I recommend that you prepare/condition the new cord to remove the "newness" from the material; either by washing in bleach or soaking in white vinegar overnight. It is also important to abrade the new cord thoroughly to break down the stiffness. See Glowby's article On the Treatment of Diamond Braid Cord.

How-To For Smaller Loop Garlands--Part IEdit


The polyester core must be removed from each section.


Making the loops: For 4" X 3 12" loops I cut 12" lengths of cord, one for each loop. SecureLine cord can be found on Amazon.


I use a synthetic braided string which I purchased at a bait and tackle shop. Make a loop as shown and place it over the overlapped ends of your cord.


To create your loop you start by attaching the ends of each cord to each other. To begin, overlap the two ends by 1/2" as shown. You will be using what is called the Albright Knot. It is very simple as explained in the following photo comments as well as in this video.


After about 5 or 6 tight wraps, take the end of the string you were wrapping with an put it thru the loop at the opposite end of the wraps (as shown).


Start wrapping the overlapped ends of the cord as show. This is a very simple knot but may take one or two practice tries.


I use a BIC lighter to melt the snipped ends of the string to prevent the string from unwinding or binding the garland (be careful with this--the string melts VERY fast)


Pull the string at the right until the loop at the opposite end closes (the closed loop gets drawn snugly underneath the wrap making the knot secure).


Connecting the loops using swivels. Use a very large sewing needle from a fabric retailer and your braided synthetic string to attach the swivels to the loops.




Now slide your swivel onto the string. I tie it 3 times--first time VERY loose, second time a tiny bit tighter and the third time snug. This will prevent the swivel from being attached tightly against the loop. Very important!


proceed as shown.


4" top with 3 1/2" sides


This is a look at how the swivels must be attached in order to help facilitate the anti fold-over feature. Now you have to attached the rest of your loops to each other. I use very small swivels (#0 or #1) between each loop. These stiny swivels can be purchased at any bait and tackle shop or online.


I use a larger swivel for the last loop at each end of the garland. Each end swivel is then attached to a 6-8" leader cord using the snap and swivels as shown which are available online or at a nearby bait and tackle shop.




Larger looped garlands can be made anti fold-over also by adding an appropriate length zip tie inside the cord on one side of the loop only. Trim off the top of the zip tie as shown. In the following example 6" loops will require 6" long zip-ties.


Zip ties inserted into the core will prevent fold overs with larger loops. Note: cut off the top head of the zip tie.

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EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: If you have 18 loops, for example, 9 of them will have zip-tie inserts on the left side of the loop and the other 9 will be inserted on the right side off the loop. The loops are all connected in this pattern so when your poles are lifted together after dipping the loops will hang mostly closed, minimizing premature launches of bubbles.

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After inserting the zip-tie, snip off the very tip of the rounded end.


The sharp corners will help prevent the zip tie from working itself out of the core

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Dry garland loops.....

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....wet garland loops.

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Finished larger loop garland: the larger 6" anti fold-over garland. All the loops to the left of the center of the garland have zip-ties inserted into the left side of the loop--the loops on the right half have the zip-ties inserted into the right side of the loop

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