2 garlands with 25 loops each.


11" leader attached to the first eyelet of the retractable fishing pole


50 loops, 25 to each tier and an 8 inch straw in the middle center to keep the tiers spaced apart and to keep them from flipping over each other. (There is a string inside the straw that is tied to both tiers)


Retractable poles with leaders attached ready to attach both garlands.


2nd tier attached to the second eyelet


The leaders are 11" long from where they attach to the rod and to the first loop of the garland. The eyelets where the garlands connect to the poles are 11" apart from each other.


#0 barrel swivel between connecting each loop. These loops have 4" tops.


Dipping into a rectangular tray elevated with 2, 5-lliter buckets for fewer premature launches (I would prefer a slightly taller stool for more elevation).


8" straw in the exact middle center of each tier. There is a nylon string attached to each tier inside the straw. The loops have 4" tops.


Optional: For storing fold each garland up to the shortest length you can and bind each garland with a strap of velcro (as shown)


Maiden voyage. Notice the rectangular trough for dipping elevated on a stool. Raising the dipping trough this way lessens the number of premature launches.

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